About Cor-Pro Systems


Cor-Pro Mission

Our mission is to be the corrosion-protection specialist for critical equipment.  Our purpose is to constantly raise the corrosion-protection standards through better knowledge, products and best practices.

Our passion is to deliver an unparalleled service experience, earn our customers’ appreciation and trust such that customers invite and include us as an extension of their own manufacturing process.


Cor-Pro Means Expertise

Since its founding in 1987, Cor-Pro Systems has focused on delivering first-rate coating services to industries in the greater Houston area. Over two decades of operation and more than a century of accumulated staff experience have made us the experts in corrosion prevention and coating application techniques.

Because we employ top-notch, NACE-certified staff and maintain a facility specifically designed to operate 24 hours a day, we can offer the fastest job-completion times available without sacrificing anything in the way of quality or professionalism.


Cor-Pro Constantly Strives for Excellence

At Cor-Pro, we aren’t satisfied merely to be in compliance with industry standards. We’re always trying to find ways to exceed both standards and expectations so we always stay at the cutting edge of our profession.

Not only do we utilize top-of-the-line equipment, we also understand that investing in the best quality materials translates to long-term savings. We’re constantly scrutinizing our application techniques to minimize material costs, reduce the occurrence of errors, and obtain the best possible results while restricting potential environmental hazards to an absolute minimum.

Cor-Pro Systems understands that fast, accurate, and environmentally sound methods aren’t just desirable on a professional level – they also save money.


Cor-Pro Means Outstanding Customer Service

It is Cor-Pro’s desire to always provide the highest level of premium experience. We are at your service to provide unending support, guidance and answers to your complicated questions.

Our knowledgeable and professional staff will be dedicated to providing a solution for your business concerns, needs and desires.


Cor-Pro Features Top-Notch Facility Resources

With our state-of-the-art facility and round-the-clock corrosion management plan , Cor-Pro can respond to your corrosion control projects rapidly.

  • 155,000 square-foot enclosed, weatherproof metallic building located on 4.5 acres
  • Climate-controlled
  • Cure rooms (for winter)
  • Ovens for our thermal cure processes
  • Humidity & cure room for inorganic zinc primers
  • (4) Reclaimed blast booths (largest size 20′ x 20′ x 60′)
  • (7) Paint booths (largest size 24′ x 20′ x 60′)
  • (2) Conveyor systems
  • Zinc phosphate tank
  • Heavy lift capacity

Our highly efficient NACE-certified personnel will make sure that you receive your finished projects within the deadline given to us.