Buried Service Coating

Cor-Pro Systems Inc. is the leading company in providing fast and high quality buried service coating in Houston, TX and other areas in the Gulf Coast.

Corrosion costs the U.S. economy about $276 billion resulting from property losses, repair and restoration, critical failures, downtime losses, and even loss of life.

These extensive losses is the reason corrosion engineers highly recommend studying service exposures, the variables and limitations, and the best possible buried service coating to counter corrosion.

Underground equipment, such as water pipelines, benefit immensely from efficient buried coating applications.

Why Use Buried Coating Service?

Buried coating involves an electrically charged catalyst placed near the protected area. This will then divert electric currents away from the specific water pipeline and prevent corrosive agents from reaching the surface of the pipeline.

Cor-Pro Systems works with a team of NACE-certified professionals in providing high quality buried service coating in Houston and in the Gulf Coast.

Pipeline corrosion is directly related to the external (soil) and internal conditions of the pipeline location and the quality of the manufacturing materials used.

Buried pipelines are at a higher risk for corrosion because of the continuous presence of corrosive moisture.

Factors Affecting Longevity Of A Pipeline:

  • Quality of Construction and Protective Coating Systems
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Nature of Environment
  • Operating Conditions

Buried Service Coating Houston By Cathodic Protection

In the 27 years of Cor-Pro Systems in the corrosion management industry, a wide variety of clients with different corrosion protection needs, our company has perfected buried services coating in Houston.

Cathodic buried service coating is concurrently used in most serious protective applications.

They act as an insulating barrier, which removes the possibility of contact between electrolytes in the environment and the substrate.

The absence of this contact prevents the possible electrochemical reaction that promotes corrosion.

Cor-Pro’s Cathodic buried service coating will:

  • Make sure that your operations proceed smoothly.
  • Provide minimal to zero repair costs for water pipelines.
  • Promote a green environment.
  • Avoid legal problems associated with failure to deliver quality water services.
  • Save lives.

As a recognized member of the Society for Protective Coatings Gulf Coast, Cor-Pro Systems makes sure that our company diligently follows international standards for managing corrosion.

As a general rule, buried service coating Houston should have the following coating properties to fulfill state regulations:

  • It should have sufficient adhesion to repel underfilm migration of electrolyte.
  • It must electrically isolate the external surfaces of the pipeline from its environment.
  • Its ductility should prevent cracking.
  • Buried service coating must protect from soil stress.
  • The protective coating must withstand deterioration brought about by service temperature and environment.

Velocity: Part Of Cor-Pro’s Commitment To The “Cor-Pro Gold Standard”

Corrosion protection is crucial in maintaining the quality of water pipelines.  Cor-Pro Systems is committed in providing buried services coating with the best quality and fast delivery that follows the “Cor-Pro Gold Standard” – the highest standard for corrosion management.

Cor-Pro Systems’ unparalleled zero corrosion protection failures and on-track delivery record, we can assure you that you will receive nothing but the “Cor-Pro Gold Standard”, the highest certification in the corrosion protection industry.

With our Velocity Service, you will receive your finished steel corrosion protection projects in hours, not days. Furthermore, our highly trained staff will make sure that you are in the loop with our projects as they happen.

About Cor-Pro Systems

Since 1987, Cor-Pro Systems Inc. provides top-notch corrosion protection in Houston and other areas in Gulf Coast. Our goal is to raise awareness about corrosion and how it affects an entire industry, and to provide satisfactory corrosion protection through our quality methods from years of extensive research and development.

Aside from our unparalleled track record in delivering corrosion protection to our clients, we also make sure to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our partner industries to ensure that they will never experience corrosion-related incidents in the future.

Superior Buried Service Coating Management Through Cor-Pro Systems, Inc.

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