Surface Preparation

Using proper surface preparation techniques, Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. specializes in corrosion protection of critical equipment in Houston, Texas and nearby Gulf Coast areas.

surface preparation for equipments

With almost 30 years of expertise in corrosion protection, Cor-Pro Systems delivers unparalleled service to clients in a variety of industries. Cor-Pro provides high quality corrosion services starting with custom surface preparation for critical parts and equipment.

Often considered as the most important step, surface preparation is the first stage in corrosion prevention. When properly done, surface preparation complements the performance of the corrosion protection system being implemented.

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Corrosion Protection: What Is Surface Preparation?

Surface preparation is the first stage treatment of critical parts and equipment against corrosion. It is the essential first step before any anti-corrosion coating is applied. Surface preparation is most often used for steel, aluminum, and concrete materials.

The primary cause of corroded parts and equipment is poor surface preparation. The integrity of the coating is directly affected by the surface it is applied to. If surface preparation is poorly done, the coating will not adhere properly to the substrate material thereby reducing the lifespan and effectiveness of the coating.

A quality surface preparation not only removes the contaminants in the material such as residual mill scale, oil, and rust, but also creates a suitable surface profile that best works with the coating to be applied. Certain coatings, for example, require a coarse angular surface to achieve superior adhesion.

Corrosion Protection Services: Surface Preparation Methods

There are a number of surface preparation methods that can be employed depending on the substrate material and the working conditions of the parts and equipment. Some of the more common methods are:

  • Abrasive Blasting – Commonly used for the preparation of steel marked by mill-scaled and rusted surfaces. Surface preparation via abrasive blast cleaning can be done in a variety of levels from light to very thorough, depending on the grade of cleanliness required.
  • Hydroblasting / Water Jetting – Commonly used to remove salts, fouling, loose paint, and other contaminants. Surface preparation via pressure water cleaning can be done from low to ultra-high depending on the grade of cleanliness required.
  • Chemical Cleaning / Acid Pickling – Commonly used to remove dirt, oil, grease, and other contaminants using organic solvents or detergents. Dipping components such as pipes into an acid pickling bath can help remove rust.

Corrosion Protection: Why Are Coatings Important?

Companies can save up to 25 to 30% of annual corrosion costs in the US if they invest in quality coatings. Without proper coatings, corrosion can have damaging effects on valves, motors, pumps, fasteners, switches, belts, and other mechanical equipment.

In infrastructure, the annual direct cost is around $22.6 billion. Corrosion costs total $47.9 billion for utilities such as gas, water, and electricity.

Reduce costs

  • 25% of costs caused by corrosion is avoided by applying existing knowledge on corrosion protection such as coatings.

Reduce accidents

  • Work-related accidents cost the US $250 billion every year. A lot of those incidents are caused by faulty work equipment. If a structure is free of corrosion, the risk for accidents is significantly reduced.

Save time

  • In the event your equipment does falter due to corrosion, repairing it will take time. Once operations stop, the delay in production will also mean profit losses.

VELOCITY: Delivery in Hours, Not Days

Cor-Pro’s Velocity coating service is specifically geared toward rapid-response tasks.

If you have a pressing deadline, Velocity is the answer to your prayers. This premium service utilizes every advantage of the Cor-Pro methodology, including multiple accuracy checks, superbly trained crew, and round-the-clock facility operation to meet delivery schedules.

We take pride in the Cor-Pro Velocity Service. The purpose and responsibility of this offering is to ensure that your urgent coating projects are processed and delivered expeditiously. We have assembled a team of Cor-Pro’s best experts to staff the Velocity Desk everyday at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM to process any project that require Velocity Service.

Only Cor-Pro can offer you this kind of responsiveness while guaranteeing a superior level of professionalism and commitment to quality.

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