Corrosion Protection Benefits


High-Quality Corrosion Protection Applications Can Extend the Life Of Equipment By Over 250%!

Cor-Pro Systems delivers coating application components of corrosion protection.  Our proprietary processes
and air and heat-cured high performance coatings deliver monumental savings to our customers by extending the
life of their equipment.


Why is Corrosion Protection Important?

Corrosion will cost the US economy over $1 trillion by the end of the year. The most commonly quoted figure for corrosion
costs is $276 billion per year, released in the NACE Corrosion Costs Study.

Expenses related to corrosion also eat up a big chunk of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. At 6.2% of GDP, corrosion is one of the largest single expenses in the US economy.

The petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals industries alone lose around $2.5 billion annually to corrosion.

Exposure to environmental elements, chemicals used in production, and standard wear and tear cause corrosion. Anti-corrosion coatings have been successful in combating deterioration of production materials due to corrosion.

Advanced anti-corrosion coatings that involve epoxy coatings, urethane coatings, zinc primers, enamels, thermal-cured thin film, abrasive blasting and more help create wear-resistant, environment-resistant and high-temperature coatings.


Four Benefits Of Protective Coatings

Many plants, factories and even the process engineers look at “corrosion-related expenses” as simply a part of operational costs.

The collective damage of a poor protective corrosion planning extend beyond billions, however. Costs associated with lost production, health, safety and environmental issues, and legal liabilities are among the top corrosion by-products.

  • Coatings reduce repair costs. Exposure to elements and chemical or electrochemical reactions result in the deterioration of the entire exposed surface of a metal. Parts and equipments affected by this type of corrosion often require a complete replacement.  With over 25 years of combating corrosion, Cor-Pro Systems have developed advanced coating techniques that protect “metals” from these reactions.
  • Coatings prevent operating losses. Corroded equipments take time to fix or replace. When corrosion issues surface, operations are frequently put on hold, further increasing losses from the delay in production.
  • Corrosion protection can save lives. Any kind of damage to equipments can cause accidents in production. Corrosion can cause malfunctions. Malfunctions can cause injuries or even loss of lives.
  • Corrosion protection can help avoid legal liabilities. Corrosion protection makes industrial equipments last longer and extend its efficiency. By extension, it also helps companies avoid legal liabilities that stem from health, safety and environmental issues caused by corrosion.

All things deteriorate with use and age. Worn or corroded equipment results in performance issues and can create environmental hazards. Protective coatings can extend the lifetime of equipment by shielding it from harsh environmental conditions and by helping postpone inevitable decay due to abrasion, oxidization, or other forms of breakdown.

The better protected your equipment is now, the more money you’ll save in the long run.