Types Of Coating Services

Providing different types of coating services, Cor-Pro is the leading corrosion protection provider in Houston, Texas and nearby Gulf Coast areas.

Corrosion is a naturally-occurring phenomenon that threatens nearly all sectors and industries worldwide.

The US economy alone spends $276 billion annually for corrosion costs, notwithstanding the serious health and safety hazards that come with it.

With 50% of corrosion costs deemed preventable according to the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), approximately 85% of those costs can be addressed by various types of coating services.

Cor-Pro specializes in custom-made coating services that can cater to a variety of industry needs.

Generalized And Localized Corrosion

Defining the extent of corrosion helps in understanding actual and potential impact to the parts and equipment, and the level of coating necessary to prevent or repair the damage.

Broadly speaking, corrosion can be categorized according to generalized or localized corrosion. Generalized corrosion occurs in the entire surface area of the equipment and is fairly easier to detect and treat, while Localized corrosion happens in certain areas or parts of the equipment.

Types Of Coating Services

Coating is one of the easiest ways to guard assets and equipment from corrosion. It acts as a protective barrier against aggressive chemicals and environmental conditions, keeping corrosive agents at bay.

Custom coating services looks at the different components of the equipment to ensure neither generalized nor localized corrosion occurs. Cor-Pro Systems follows industry-compliant methods to assess level of actual and potential corrosion.

Depending on the business need, coating services can take the form of:

  • Epoxy and urethane coatings
  • 1-hour cure epoxies
  • Zinc primers
  • Enamels
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Thermal-cured thin film
  • High temperature coating
  • And many more

Consult with a professional coating services firm such as Cor-Pro Systems for an accurate assessment and protection plan.

Benefits Of Coating Services

Decrease the long-term operational costs brought upon by corrosion-related expenses by employing professional custom coating services.

  • Reduces repair and operational costs
  • Increases equipment life and efficiency
  • Reduces accidents by proactively assessing the level of actual and potential corrosion of equipment and creating a corrosion prevention plan

About Cor-Pro Systems

Cor-Pro Systems has been providing professional custom coating services for nearly 30 years.

Cor-Pro help companies setup corrosion-preventive plans that will mitigate equipment damage and replacement costs.

If you have questions about our rust coating services in Houston or want to get a custom quote for your particular corrosion protection need, contact us at 713-896-1091, or send us an e-mail at quotes@cor-pro.com.