Marine Corrosion Protection

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. is the leader in marine corrosion protection services in Houston, TX and other areas in the Gulf Coast.

Marine corrosion accounts for more than $80 billion losses annually. Corrosion of equipments in the marine industry cause service interruptions and operational malfunctions. Aside from financial losses, marine corrosion also poses serious physical, environment, and legal issues.

Businesses lose approximately $80 billion every year due to marine corrosion.

With saltwater as one of the worst agents of corrosion, Cor-Pro Systems provide industries in Houston and other Gulf Coast areas with unparalleled solutions to marine corrosion protection for their facilities and equipment.

Why Is Marine Corrosion Protection Important?

Saltwater is one of the worst known corrosion agents. The chemical composition of saltwater makes it an effective electrolyte, easily corroding all types of materials exposed to it. With most marine-related industries relying on steel for their materials, companies rely on proper marine corrosion protection services to avoid damage to their equipments.

All materials are subject to gradual wear and tear. However, some agents such as seawater rapidly increase the rate of corrosion in materials such as steel which in turn, affects marine industries such as shipping companies and offshore plants. Not only does marine corrosion cost industries billions of dollars, it’s also a health and safety hazard for people as well as the environment.

By using only superior methods in managing marine corrosion, industries can save up to 35% of losses due to corrosion. Aside from financial savings, correct application of anti-corrosion methods can reduce indirect losses due to corrosion.

With awards and certifications such as the OHSAS 18001:2007, Cor-Pro Systems will provide marine corrosion protection to industries that require top-of-the-line corrosion control methods and services.

Cor-Pro’s Marine Corrosion Protection Services

Cor-Pro Systems offers the following marine corrosion protection to our clients:

  • Applying anti-corrosion paint that acts as the first line of defense against marine corrosion
  • Installing of sacrificial anodes on different parts of the hull to divert the electrolytes away from the ship
  • Using corrosion inhibitor formulas in areas where water stagnation is to retard corrosion
  • Blasting corroded areas with abrasive media before application of anti-corrosion enamels
  • Replacing weathered parts with galvanic alloys that deflects corrosive agents

Marine-Related Industries That Benefit From Cor-Pro’s Anti-Corrosion Methods

The following marine industries greatly benefit from Cor-Pro’s quality marine corrosion protection services:

  • Commercial shipping lines
  • Military vessels
  • Naval vessels
  • Fishing vessels
  • Offshore petroleum vessels
  • Other marine transport services

Get Effective Marine Corrosion Protection Through Cor-Pro Systems, Inc.

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