What Is Corrosion Protection?

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. is the leading corrosion protection provider in the Gulf Coast area.

With a 150,000-square-foot facility in Houston equipped with top-of-the-line equipment for superior corrosion protection, Cor-Pro Systems works with industries that require the highest quality of corrosion management services in the area.

Cor-Pro Systems is an expert in handling and resolving corrosion-related problems. By utilizing the latest trends and technology, Cor-Pro Systems can work with any corrosion issues and apply solutions specially formulated for a certain job.

Cor-Pro Systems provide custom corrosion protection solutions.

Corrosion is one of the leading problems faced by almost all industries. It is important to know the effects of corrosion, the risks of corrosive facilities and equipment, and benefits of getting high quality corrosion protection services from reputable companies. What is corrosion protection? This page provides the answers.

Corrosion protection is the application of anti-corrosion chemicals to prevent damages to equipment or facility caused by corrosive agents. To address the different forms of corrosion in different materials, Cor-Pro Systems offer the following corrosion protection methods to our clients.

Corrosion inhibitors are chemicals added to equipment to form a thin layer of protection against corrosion catalysts. Our professionals can apply these additives even while the machine is operating.

Coating is the easiest way to protect your equipment. Coating materials such as epoxy, urethane, and zinc can add an extra layer of defense to your facilities with proper application and curing.

Abrasive blasting uses a high-velocity machine that propels medium to a surface of a material. With abrasive blasting, you can control the damage brought by corrosion and prepare it for anti-corrosion materials application.

By understanding the nature of your corrosion protection needs, Cor-Pro Systems will deliver specialized solutions based on the needs and specifications of the clients.

Industries, most especially the ones exposed to the harshest corrosive agents such as saltwater and soil, can benefit greatly from quality corrosion protection services.

  • Quality corrosion protection can extend the lifespan of your equipment by up to 250%.
  • Corrosion protection can reduce the costs of repairs due to corrosive damage.
  • Protected equipment can avoid service interruptions and operation malfunctions.
  • Corrosion protection can save lives from injuries brought by weathered equipment and facilities.
  • By averting injuries and damages from corroded equipment, companies can avoid legal and environmental liabilities.

With close to 30 years of experience in handling corrosion problems in the Gulf Coast area, Cor-Pro Systems can assure clients that all these benefits are met through quality corrosion protection practices.

Superior Quality Corrosion Management Methods Through Cor-Pro Systems, Inc.

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