The Cor-Pro Systems Culture

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. is the leading corrosion management solutions provider in Houston, TX and other areas in the Gulf Coast.

With almost 30 years of handling and providing quality corrosion protection in the area, Cor-Pro Systems has worked with industry giants from sectors such as petroleum, manufacturing, and marine transport.

Cor-Pro Systems has a long history of giving back to the community.

As the forerunner in the corrosion management industry in Houston, Cor-Pro Systems does not forget to give back to the city. With different community programs such as scholarships and housing projects, Cor-Pro’s objective goes beyond raising global awareness in proper corrosion management.


As a part of our commitment to bring a brighter future through superior corrosion control practices, Cor-Pro Systems also offers scholarship programs to promising individuals who show academic excellence as well as the potential to become a key contributor the future of corrosion management.

With the goal of investing in the future of deserving individuals who will become tomorrow’s experts in the exchange of new knowledge and technology in corrosion management, Cor-Pro Systems is giving away two scholarship programs in corrosion management courses and training programs every year.

Company Events

With employees as the backbone of Cor-Pro’s continuing excellence in providing quality corrosion protection to our partner industries, we make sure that employees also get the time to have fun with the rest of Cor-Pro’s powerhouse staff.

With several events such as barbeque parties and outdoor picnics lined up in our calendar all year round, we can assure that our employees are in their best shape to handle your worst corrosion problems and provide nothing but superior quality corrosion protection to our clients.

Employee Recognition
Cor-Pro recognition is essentially positive feedback that lets our employees know they are valued and appreciated by their coworkers and the organization. To have the greatest impact in the workplace, this recognition reinforces and encourages work that advances employee, departmental, and institutional goals and values.

Monthly Employee Appreciation

Cor-Pro monthly employee appreciation photos.

Cor-Pro in the classroom

Taking Cor-Pro to our Next Generation in the Classroom.

Affordable Housing Projects

Cor-Pro Systems started out in providing corrosion protection services in Houston, TX, and our operations grew to serving the same quality service to the entire Gulf Coast.

As part of way of giving back to the community that made Cor-Pro Systems the leading anti-corrosion company in the Gulf Coast, we are committed in helping organizations create affordable housing solutions to improve the quality of life of the people in Houston.

Party Planning Committee

Despite corrosion protection being a serious matter, Cor-Pro System’s staff consisting of experts in the industry still knows how to throw a party. We regularly hold events such as pot luck evenings, food donation drives, company holidays, and more.

We have a party planning committee dedicated in fostering camaraderie among workers and creating a positive and empowering working atmosphere.