Wellhead Coatings

Cor-Pro Systems Inc. is the leading company in providing fast and high quality wellhead coatings in Houston, TX and other areas in the Gulf Coast.

The basic component at the surface of an oil or gas well, a wellhead provides the structural and pressure-containing platform for the drilling and production equipment.

Its primary purpose is to act as the suspension point and pressure seal for casing strings running from the bottom of the hole sections to the pressure control equipment on the surface.

Coatings help prolong the life of wellheads constantly exposed to corrosive elements.

Considering the corrosive elements a wellhead is bombarded with, it requires top-notch wellhead coatings management.

Benefits Of Quality Wellhead Coatings

For oil and gas producers, petroleum manufacturers, and other industrial companies using wellhead equipment, safety and environmental issues are a primary concern.

Cor-Pro Systems’ wellhead coatings in Houston substantially minimize downtime, maximize the life of API-related equipment, and considerably prevent devastating blowouts by strongly protecting wellhead equipment.

Cor-Pro Wellhead Coatings Houston are effective and beneficial for these reasons:

  • Superior Protection in High-Pressure Environments. Cor-Pro’s Wellhead Coatings Houston are built on a revolutionary matrix of fluoropolymer that powerfully resists permeation especially under high pressures. Cross-linking of this matrix is produced by curing coatings at high temperatures to further minimize potential penetration.
  • Expansive Coating Coverage.  Cor-Pro’s wellhead coatings allow for 100% of the API equipment’s wetted area to be fully coated, including all internal surfaces, seat pockets, grooves, threads, grease ports. Coating is applied to past the seal area to ensure zero corrosion even in vulnerable areas.
  • Superior Adhesion Properties. Cor-Pro coatings enable the highest degree of possible surface preparation, ensuring maximum adhesion.  When used appropriately, coating will not flake, blister, peel, chip, or crack. When damaged, coating is highly resistant to undercreep.
  • Cost Effective. The cost to coat of Cor-Pro’s wellhead coating is often less than 1% of replacing even the least expensive of the components of the wellhead equipment. Thin-build coatings do not normally require part modifications to include the coating.

Quick Turnaround Time. Cor-Pro Wellhead Coatings Houston are always readily available, with a lead time of less than a week for a completed wellhead. Larger orders can be done and divided in stages to accommodate project timeframes.

Wellhead Coatings Houston: Industries

There is a large variety of wellhead equipment that can take advantage of the excellent-quality corrosion protection that Cor-Pro Systems Wellhead Coatings provide:

  • BHTAs
  • BOPs
  • Crosses
  • Flanges (adapter, blind, companion)
  • Flo-Tees
  • Gate valves
  • Tubing hangars

Velocity: Part Of Cor-Pro’s Commitment To The “Cor-Pro Gold Standard”

Cor-Pro Systems’ unparalleled zero corrosion protection failures and on-track delivery record, we can assure you that you will receive nothing but the “Cor-Pro Gold Standard”, the highest certification in the corrosion protection industry.

With our Velocity Service, you will receive your finished steel corrosion protection projects in hours, not days. Furthermore, our highly trained staff will make sure that you are in the loop with our projects as they happen.

About Cor-Pro Systems

Since 1987, Cor-Pro Systems Inc. provides top-notch corrosion protection in Houston and other areas in Gulf Coast. Our goal is to raise awareness about corrosion and how it affects an entire industry, and to provide satisfactory corrosion protection through our quality methods from years of extensive research and development.

Aside from our unparalleled track record in delivering corrosion protection to our clients, we also make sure to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our partner industries to ensure that they will never experience corrosion-related incidents in the future.

Superior Wellhead Coatings Management Through Cor-Pro Systems, Inc.

If you have questions about our corrosion protection services or want to get a custom quote for your wellhead coatings Houston needs, 713-896-1091, or send an e-mail to quotes@cor-pro.com.