Corrosion Monitoring

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Corrosion is a natural process caused by gradual wear and tear. While corrosion may occur over time, this doesn’t mean that industries cannot protect their equipment. Corrosion management and protection can slow down the process and extend the lifespan of metals with the right methods and services.

The advancements in the field of electrochemistry and corrosion sciences paved way to more effective anti-corrosion products and services.

Continuous research and development also made it possible for industries to monitor corrosion.

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Corrosion Monitoring Basic Principles

Corrosion monitoring covers a wide range of technical activities surrounding the nature of corrosion on a certain environment. It provides information on several components regarding corrosion such as rate of attack according to the material and corrosive agent, corrosion protection effectiveness, and other variables to produce relevant feedback.

This, in turn, will be used to analyze and enhance the methods employed in corrosion management.

Among the activities highly observed by corrosion monitoring are the following:

  • Components that are subject to corrosion
  • Alloy used in the equipment
  • Scope and extent of corrosion attack
  • Lifespan of the metals both with and without corrosion protection
  • Operability of the equipment
  • Interval between application of corrosion protection

These activities can produce viable results that can optimize corrosion protection in the future, thus increasing further the lifespan of the equipment.

Importance Of Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion monitoring can provide valuable insights regarding the rate of corrosion and how it can be prevented in the near future. By having the right corrosion monitoring solutions, industries can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Reduce the rate of corrosion through optimizing the protection used
  • Increase lifespan of the equipment with the right protection
  • Learn more about the nature of the corrosion under specific circumstances
  • Predict the lifespan of the equipment and make the necessary changes to enhance it

Corrosion monitoring is available on both online and offline methods. Online methods provide users with real-time data, which heavily relies on continuous exposure to the process. Meanwhile, offline measurement requires further tests such as laboratory analysis to produce relevant data.

Methods Used In Corrosion Monitoring

Since there are many factors involved in the process of corrosion, monitoring corrosion requires several data from the following methods:

Non Destructive Testing Analytical Chemistry

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Radiography
  • Thermography
  • Eddy current/magnetic flux
  • Intelligent pigs

Operational Data

  • pH
  • Flow rate (velocity)
  • Pressure
  • Temperature

Corrosion Monitoring

  • Weight loss coupons
  • Electrical resistance
  • Linear polarization
  • Hydrogen penetration
  • Galvanic current

Fluid Electrochemistry

  • Potential measurement
  • Potentiostatic measurements
  • Potentiodynamic measurements
  • A.C. impedance

All the information gathered from these tests will provide a larger picture of the nature of the corrosion and will be used to formulate better methods in protecting the subject from corrosive agents.

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