Thermal Spray (TSA/TSZ)

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. provides Thermal Spray (TSA and TSZ) coating services for critical equipment in Houston, Texas and nearby Gulf Coast areas.

thermal spray

Thermal Spray has a long history of superior corrosion protection of steel in severely corrosive environments. It is ideally suited for critical equipment and construction within a variety of applications.

It offers cost effective solutions within…

  • Industrial chemical plants and refineries
  • High temperature areas
  • Infrastructure, like bridges
  • Marine
  • Subsea oil & gas platforms including splash zones

If you have questions regarding coatings or want to get a custom quote for your thermal spray coating needs, call Cor-Pro in Houston, Texas (Gulf Coast) at 713-896-1091, or send an e-mail to


Technology: Thermal Spray (TSA/TSZ)

TSA/TSZ Corrosion Protection system provides extremely durable anodic corrosion systems that gives significant life improvement over conventional barrier coatings. It features self-healing edges and does not require additional cathodic protection. It offers significant savings in installation and maintenance costs because the need for sacrificial anodes is reduced and coating repairs are minimized.

Standards: Thermal Spray (TSA/TSZ)

TSA/TSZ are included in coating systems with the highest expected durability in the standard ISO 12944 “Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems”.  Moreover, NORSOK M-501 has coating systems with TSA/TSZ that are expected to protect equipment both under and above 250 °F.

Cor-Pro Systems applies these coatings to exact specifications and with the highest degree of quality in the industry. Moreover, we specialize in preparing and treating critical equipment for TSA or TSZ. Please contact us for technical enquires.

VELOCITY: Delivery in Hours, Not Days

Cor-Pro’s Velocity coating service is specifically geared toward rapid-response tasks.

If you have a pressing deadline, Velocity is the answer to your prayers. This premium service utilizes every advantage of the Cor-Pro methodology, including multiple accuracy checks, superbly trained crew, and round-the-clock facility operation to meet delivery schedules.

We take pride in the Cor-Pro Velocity Service. The purpose and responsibility of this offering is to ensure that your urgent coating projects are processed and delivered expeditiously. We have assembled a team of Cor-Pro’s best experts to staff the Velocity Desk everyday at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM to process any project that require Velocity Service.

Only Cor-Pro can offer you this kind of responsiveness while guaranteeing a superior level of professionalism and commitment to quality.

For a custom consultation or a quote, call Cor-Pro in Houston, Texas (Gulf Coast) at 713-896-1091, or send an e-mail to