Corrosion Prevention Houston

Cor-Pro Systems Inc. is the leading company in providing fast and high quality corrosion prevention Houston services in Texas and other Gulf Coast areas.

Corrosion is a perennial problems faced by companies that rely on steel equipment and structures. In highly industrialized cities like Houston, operational losses due to corrosion result to millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Corrosion is a perennial problem faced by companies that rely on steel equipment and structures.

The only way to prevent corrosion-related problems is through proper and state-of-the-art corrosion prevention services. By knowing a corrosion prevention company to trust, companies can prevent losses and damages due to quality corrosion management.

Getting corrosion prevention services provide a lot of benefits other than extending the longevity of your equipment. Some of the advantages of getting quality corrosion management are:

  • Reduced repair costs. Corrosion prevention can extend the life of protected equipment by 250%. With less repairs needed due to great corrosion management, the costs of repairing items will definitely go down.
  • Prevents operational losses. Corroded equipment can disrupt an entire operation when it breaks down. With corrosion management, operational disruptions and the losses in effect can be avoided.
  • Saves lives. Corroded equipment does not merely pose threat to a company’s revenue; it also puts workers’ health and safety st risk. To avoid injuries and loss of lives, an effective corrosion management service to prevent break down of equipment.
  • Avoids legal problems. When an oil pipe bursts due to corroded material, it can cause serious environmental repercussions that will result in legal problems. With corrosion protection, no legal problems arising from corrosive materials will occur.

Every client’s corrosion problem requires a different approach. By choosing among the right of corrosion prevention service, you can ensure yourself of maximum corrosion prevention for your equipment and structures.

Cor-Pro offers the following top-of-the-line corrosion management services:

  1. Cathodic protection. Corrosion protection using electrically charged alloys near the protected equipment. This method diverts the attention of the corrosive agents to itself until it completely degrades. Cathodic protection is commonly used in underground pipelines and marine transport industry.
  2. Corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion inhibitors are chemicals added to equipment to form a thin layer of protection against corrosion catalysts. We can add these additives even while the machine is operating.
  3. Coatings. Coating is the easiest way to protect your equipment. Coating materials such as epoxy, urethane, and zinc can add an extra layer of defense to your facilities with proper application and curing.
  4. Abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting uses a high-velocity machine that propels medium to a surface of a material. With this, you can control the damage brought by corrosion and prepare it for anti-corrosion materials application.

With more than 10,000 manufacturing firms and 5,000 petroleum companies in the area, Cor-Pro serves a wide range of clientele coming from different industries in the area and other parts of the Gulf Coast. Among the industries serviced by Cor-Pro are:

  • Fabrication
  • Subsea Equipment
  • Energy Services
  • Production
  • Energy Exploration
  • Petrochemical
  • Structural Steel
  • Military
  • Waste Treatment
  • Processing/Refining
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Marine

Cor-Pro ensures that each project comes with a different approach to provide maximum corrosion protection. By listening to the demands and requirements of the client, Cor-Pro can assure fast and superior quality corrosion prevention.

Since 1987, Cor-Pro Systems Inc. provides top-notch corrosion protection in Houston and other areas in Gulf Coast. Our goal is to raise awareness about corrosion and how it affects an entire industry, and to provide satisfactory corrosion protection through our quality methods from years of extensive research and development.

Aside from our unparalleled track record in delivering corrosion protection to our clients, we also make sure to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our partner industries to ensure that they will never experience corrosion-related incidents in the future.