Anodic Protection

Cor-Pro Systems Inc. is the leading company in providing fast and high quality anodic corrosion protection in Houston, TX.

Anodic protection is one of the most common forms of corrosion protection. Anodic protection offers extreme corrosion protection in equipments where other methods won’t work because of the harshness of the environment.

Experts commonly apply anodic protection to industries with underground facilities.

In highly industrialized regions like the Gulf Coast, corrosion is a big problem specially in areas where factors such as climate and topography contribute greatly to corrosion. Corrosion protection methods such as anodic protection can prevent both losses and damages due to corrosion.

What Is Anodic Protection?

Anodic protection is a kind of corrosion protection designed to protect metals exposed in highly corrosive environments that are either too acidic or too basic for metals.

Anodic protection uses a layer of protective coating on the surface of the metal, which is commonly known as the substrate.

To create the anodic layer on the surface of the metal, corrosion protection experts apply controlled electric current to charge the protective film with the use of an anode. The current can increase or decrease the thickness of the protective layer through the use of an external power supply.

Anodic Protection Versus Cathodic Protection

Anodic protection differs from cathodic protection in several ways. Among their differences are:

  • Level of protection. Cathodic protection can fend off corrosion in areas such as underwater and underground through the use of a sacrificial cathode. However, even electrically charged cathodes cannot protect metals in extreme environments. Meanwhile, anodic protection, by forming an electrically charged layer on the surface of the metal, can withstand the effects of basic and acidic environments.
  • Method of protection. Cathodic protection uses electrically active alloys that release electric currents to the area, redirecting agents to the said alloy until it completely breaks down. Meanwhile, anodic protection uses anodes to create an electrically charged layer that protects the metal from corrosive processes such as oxidation.

Industries That Will Benefit Greatly From Anodic Protection

Among the industries that will greatly benefit from high-quality anodic protection are:

  • Fabrication
  • Subsea Equipment
  • Energy Services
  • Production
  • Energy Exploration
  • Petrochemical
  • Structural Steel
  • Military
  • Waste Treatment
  • Processing/Refining
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Transportation

By understanding each client’s specialized needs and acting according to their demands, Cor-Pro Systems delivers fine-tuned services to each company as quickly as possible. Our extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment gear us towards the best way to handle, process, and deliver your equipment right at your facility.

Velocity: Part Of Cor-Pro’s Commitment To The “Cor-Pro Gold Standard”

Cor-Pro Systems’ unparalleled zero corrosion protection failures and on-track delivery record, we can assure you that you will receive nothing but the “Cor-Pro Gold Standard”, the highest certification in the corrosion protection industry.

With our Velocity Service, you will receive your finished anodic corrosion protection projects in hours, not days. Furthermore, our highly trained staff will make sure that you are in the loop with our projects as they happen.

About Cor-Pro Systems

Since 1987, Cor-Pro Systems Inc. provides top-notch corrosion protection in Houston and other areas in Gulf Coast. Our goal is to raise awareness about corrosion and how it affects an entire industry, and to provide satisfactory corrosion protection through our quality methods from years of extensive research and development.

Aside from our unparalleled track record in delivering corrosion protection to our clients, we also make sure to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our partner industries to ensure that they will never experience corrosion-related incidents in the future.

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