Inorganic Zinc Coating Gulf Coast

Cor-Pro Systems has superior inorganic zinc coating methods in Texas and nearby Gulf Coast areas.

When applied to blasted steel, inorganic zinc provides excellent anti-rust spray coating corrosion protection, resistance to highly saline environment, solvent resistance, and weathering protection.

Due to its inherent qualities, inorganic zinc coatings are widely used in coastal offshore installations, refineries, and chemical plants.

Inorganic zinc coatings ensure long-term protection against corrosion, even in harsh environments.

Further, inorganic zinc coatings corrosion affords improved protection when a top coat is present.
Cor-Pro’s inorganic zinc coatings are popular in the Gulf Coast areas because they are always carried out by highly trained and efficient NACE-certified personnel.

The company’s dedication to eliminating the debilitating effects of corrosion has earned the trust of clients keen on maximizing their business and profits through protection of their structures, machineries, and equipment.

Read about Inorganic Zinc Coating Gulf Coast and discover how your business can benefit from it.

What Is Inorganic Zinc Coating Gulf Coast?

In the market, two main types of zinc-rich paint exist and each varies depending on the binder used during production.  Organic Zinc Coating uses butyl, urethane, or epoxy.  On the other hand, Inorganic Zinc Coating uses binder like zinc silicate.

These zinc-rich coatings, when properly applied onto the surface, allows the binder to hold on to the zinc particles and steel surface as it provides a protective coating.

Inorganic zinc coatings are anti-corrosion coatings that can provide corrosion protection to surfaces such as steels. This coating has huge amounts of zinc metallic dust combined with a binder.

Inorganic zinc coating Gulf Coast has a formulation mixed with either epoxy resin binders or inorganic silicates to provide the best protection to steel surfaces even when with the presence of pinholes, scratches, voids, and other structural defects.

Qualities Of Inorganic Zinc Coating Gulf Coast

Inorganic zinc coating is popular for the following qualities:

  • Its outstanding mechanical properties that is able to resist scuffing, high impact, and scratching.
  • Heat resistance of up to 750˚
  • It is highly porous that gives its hardness, making it ideal as a top coat.
  • A number of inorganic zinc coating Gulf Coast retains its characteristics even when submerged in salt water.
  • For best corrosion protection, inorganic zinc coating should be carefully applied on a thoroughly clean surface.

Special Considerations For Inorganic Zinc Coating Gulf Coast

Before 1994, shop coating is commonly a blast and prime operation, with the top coats applied on site after installation.

Due to the large number of fast track projects during that time, complete corrosion protection systems in the shops became mandatory.

This practice provided certain benefits like:

  • Safety. Personnel working in elevated heights were significantly reduced by 90%.
  • Quality Control. Most of the coating processes are under controlled environment.
  • Contamination. With the primer fully protected, common environmental contaminants are low to almost zero.

Inorganic zinc coatings such as ethyl silicate are performing well in the fields where they undergo curing.  Unfortunately, experts observed that steel surfaces with insufficient curing cause poor inter-coat adhesion.

This observation led to the discovery that ethyl silicate inorganic zinc primers have wide variations in curing time requirements and is highly dependent on ambient conditions (i.e. Relative Humidity – RH).

Application of inorganic zinc primers during winter months when RH is 20-30% leads to primer “drying” and does not undergo curing.  For areas with RH less than 50%, primers should undergo continuous spraying with fine mist of water to hasten the curing process before application of the top coat.

Before top coat application to the inorganic zinc coating, a cure test such as the following is necessary.

  1. Coin Rub Test

This test is commonly carried out by experienced applicators and inspectors as they can easily judge using just the edge of the coin, but no standard test is available for such technique.

  1. MEK Rub Test

Inorganic zinc primers should have 50 Double rubs with Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) saturated cheesecloth.  The principle behind this test is that the binder present in the uncured film becomes soluble in MEK and is removable in less than 50 double rubs.

Whereas, a completely cured film is insoluble and will only have slight surface burnishing during the test.

Integrity of an inorganic zinc coating is crucial in the success of the corrosion protection.  When considering the use of inorganic zinc coatings, careful assessment is necessary to decide whether application of full system versus prime only and top coat on site.

Inorganic Zinc Coating Gulf Coast From Cor-Pro Systems

Inorganic zinc coatings are widely used because they can cater to a several types of applications.  Industries that benefit from its qualities include refineries, chemical plants, heavy equipment industries, transportation industry, construction and engineering, military, and energy services, to name a few.

Some of its uses include:

  • Scuffing, scratching, and impact resistance protective coating
  • Long-term steel protection even in high saline environment
  • Top coat finish that offers corrosion protection for industrial machineries
  • High zinc undercoats that provide superior steel protection

Cor-Pro’s inorganic zinc coatings are compatible with epoxies, acrylics, silicones, and phenolic coatings.

Cor-Pro can provide specialized inorganic zinc coatings formulated for specific industries and corrosion problems.

Corrosion protection method using inorganic zinc from Cor-Pro can guarantee the following benefits:

  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Extension of equipment lifespan by as much as 250%
  • Lower repair costs
  • Smooth flow of operations
  • Avoidance of legal and environmental liabilities

About Cor-Pro Systems

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc is a leading company that provides superior corrosion protection in Houston and nearby areas in the Gulf Coast.  The company’s mission is to educate about the process of corrosion, its negative effects, and the effective ways of combating it.

For three decades, it has become Cor-Pro’s goal to undertake extensive and informative research and development in the corrosion industry.

The company is a reliable partner in the fight against corrosion through its unfailing delivery of corrosion protection to its clients.

Superior Inorganic Zinc Coating Application Through Cor-Pro Systems, Inc.

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