Corrosion Protection Spray

Cor-Pro Systems is the leading provider of corrosion protection spray in Houston Texas.

Corrosion is a multi-million dollar problem that continues to cripple some operations that involve the use of critical steel equipment and structures.

Not all corrosion are the same; the rate at which the process progresses largely depends on factors such as climate, atmospheric pollution level, design and detailing, and materials used, among others.

These things should be considered when creating a corrosion protection system that will improve the performance of critical assets.

Cor-Pro Systems provides top-of-the-line corrosion protection spray services with custom-made solutions depending on a company’s needs.

Corrosion Control And Prevention

The first line of defense against corrosion is a corrosion protection spray.

When applied to steel or metal parts, it creates a protective coating that serves as a barrier, thereby isolating the substrate from the corrosive environment.

The simple process is actually a very effective way to stop corrosion on its tracks.

Applying paints, coatings, lacquers, varnishes and other coatings is considered a cheaper anti-corrosion method because the coating is able to protect more surface area and more metal on a tonnage basis.

Protecting Structures With Corrosion Protection Spray

Protecting structures such as buildings, bridges, and industrial plants from corrosion is a little more complicated than the methods used in equipment and machineries.

This is because the process environment contributes greatly to the corrosion of such structures. There are certain standards to follow at the early stage of the process, such as in the selection of the protective coating to use.

In the case of steel structures, corrosion will only occur if both water and oxygen are present.

Corrosion progresses aggressively in the presence of atmospheric pollutants; examples of which include sulphur dioxide (from burning of oil or gas) and chlorides (from de-icing salts).

With that said, the corrosion protection spray to use should be resistant to such forms of corrosion attacks.

Corrosion Protection Spray Application

Paint is the most common type of protective coating used to prevent corrosion. For steel structures, the thickness of the paint is crucial, so the application should be done under best construction conditions.

In the process of spray application, the paint is atomized into very fine droplets and when projected onto the surface, they form a continuous film that acts as a barrier.

A skilled operator would be able to effectively apply paint with the right consistency and thickness.

Before starting a corrosion protection spray application, it’s important to consult anti-corrosion specialists like Cor-Pro to ensure that the right equipment and materials are used by highly skilled and trained specialists.

About Cor-Pro Systems

Cor-Pro provides anti-corrosion services including the application of corrosion protection spray and similar coatings. Being the experts in the field, Cor-Pro can help companies set up an effective corrosion protection and prevention system for critical equipment and structures.

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