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Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of protective coatings in Houston, TX.

Protective coatings are the first line of defense of any equipment against agents of corrosion. As one of the earliest forms of corrosion management, protective coatings still hold place as one of the most effective forms of mitigating the effects of corrosion on metals and other surfaces.

Protective coatings combat corrosion that leads to billion-dollar losses due to equipment damage.

As one of the premier corrosion management companies in Houston, TX and other Gulf Coast areas, Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of protective coatings in key industries in the area.

What Are Protective Coatings?

Unlike simple paints that just add a thin layer of pigmentation on the surface of equipment, protective coatings contain chemicals that protect metals from harsh corrosive agents that can destroy surfaces. By adding a thin layer of corrosion-inhibiting chemicals on the surface of metals, catalysts such as air and water will not corrode the metal.

Some protective coatings immediately dry upon application without hours. Meanwhile, other protective treatments such as benzoxazine coatings require curing methods such as ultraviolet curing for the coating to fully adhere to the surface.

In the earlier years of corrosion management, the simplest form of protective coatings is enamel paint. However, the continuous research of corrosion experts gave birth to newer compounds that can protect metals even more.

With almost 30 years of expertise in providing excellent corrosion control products and services, Cor-Pro provide detailed information regarding protective coatings Houston and other areas in the Gulf Coast.

Why Get Protective Coatings For Your Equipment?

Protective coatings do more than just add color to your to your equipment. Unlike primitive coatings that simply coat the surface with pigmentations, protective coatings treat your metals with chemicals that keep corrosive agents at bay.

By applying protective coatings to your equipment, you can extend the life of your equipment by more almost 300%. Aside from protection, machines treated with proper protective coatings can avoid service interruptions due to damages brought by corrosion.

What Are The Protective Coatings Offered By Cor-Pro?

As a member of the Society for Protective Coatings Gulf Coast, Cor-Pro Systems only offers nothing but the best protective coatings that follow the international standards of quality corrosion management.

Among the coatings offered by Cor-Pro are:

  • Primers
  • Finishes
  • Subsea and marine coatings
  • Surface tolerant coatings
  • Primer-finishes
  • Intermediates

What Are The Industries That Will Benefit From Protective Coatings By Cor-Pro?

The Gulf Coast comprises of hundreds of industries that heavily rely on superior corrosion protection, and among the industries that will benefit most from protective coatings are:

  • Fabrication
  • Subsea Equipment
  • Energy Services
  • Production
  • Energy Exploration
  • Petrochemical
  • Structural Steel
  • Military
  • Waste Treatment
  • Processing/Refining
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Marine

By understanding each clients specialized needs and acting according to their demands, Cor-Pro Systems delivers fine-tuned services to each company as quickly as possible.

Our extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment gear us towards the best way to handle, process, and deliver your equipment right at your facility.

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc.: Providing Quality Protective Coatings Since 1987

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