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Billions of dollars are lost each year due to corrosion. Experts in the field of corrosion protection prevent financial losses and other forms of damages by using the right rust inhibitor products and services.

Various industries collectively lost $137 billion last year due to corrosion.

To counteract the effects of rust in different types of equipment, one good way to inhibit the formation of rust in metals is through the use of rust inhibitors.

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. is the industry leader in providing quality anti-corrosion products and services in Houston, TX and other areas in the Gulf Coast.

With years of intensive research in the latest and most effective corrosion control measures, Cor-Pro Systems delivers the best rust inhibitor Texas services.

What Is Rust Inhibitor?

Rust inhibitors are chemical compounds that prevent corrosive agents from creating rust on metals and slows down the effect of rusting. By creating a thin layer of protective film on the surface of the equipment, rust inhibitors will keep corrosion catalysts from reaching the material, in effect preventing corrosion.

Rust inhibitors usually come in a form of protective coatings. This creates a corrosion-inhibiting layer by applying it on the surface of the equipment. However, there are newer rust inhibitor processes available such as electronic plating for better adhesion of the inhibiting formula.

While a rust inhibitor can protect a piece of equipment from rust and other forms of corrosion, it can only do so for a certain period of time. Most rust inhibitors wear off after some time, and may need replacement or reapplication to continue protection from corrosive agents.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Rust Inhibitor?

The main purpose of using rust inhibitor is to create a barrier between the metal and the corrosive agents. While long-term protection is the primary benefit of using a rust inhibitor, there are other advantages of having rust-proof equipment such as:

  • Prolonged equipment life and less prone to breakage and malfunctioning
  • Increased output or production because of more durable machines
  • Safe working environment for employees as well as the environment
  • Prevention of legal and environmental repercussions due to corrosive equipment

What Are The Common Rust Inhibitor Formulas?

There is no universal rust inhibitor solution for all materials. To create the most effective solution for certain situations or projects, there are different rust inhibitor formulas available at the market, and some of the most common are:

  • Synthetic formulations. This form of rust inhibitor contains no oil or petroleum to its formulation. Using a specialized formula that mitigates rust from forming, synthetic formulations are becoming more common. Synthetic formulations have advantages over traditional rust inhibitors such as fast drying and film-like finish when dried.
  • Soluble oils. Oil-based formulations are commonly used on materials usually exposed on water. Using thin layer of hydrophobic film on the surface of the equipment, water is then displaced from the surface and no corrosive reaction takes place on the metal. Oil-based solutions are mostly used by industries such as marine transport and shipping.
  • Evaporative solvents. Unlike soluble oils that use oil-based solutions to inhibit rust formation, evaporative solvents create a protective barrier by letting the solvent “disappear” and let the rust inhibitor stay on the surface. These types of rust inhibitors can perform well in almost any environment due to its low viscosity and high potency.

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