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Cor-Pro Systems offers superior anti rust paint services in Houston and nearby Gulf Coast areas.

Corrosion is a pressing problem for the United States economy. Metallic corrosion costs the U.S. industry sector a staggering $276 billion – equivalent to as much as 3% of the nation’s GDP.

Steel is a durable and affordable construction compound, making is an ideal material in a variety of industries.

The problem with steel, when unprotected, is that it tends to oxidize forming the rust that weakens and eventually corrodes it.

Equipments need anti rust paint to combat electrochemical reaction that causes corrosion.

Cor-Pro deals with complex corrosion protection issues in different industries for more than 25 years. The company is the leading provider of anti rust paint in Houston and nearby areas in the Gulf Coast.

Cor-Pro uses only anti rust paint that meets the standards and specifications set by the corrosion protection industry to ensure their clients receive superior anti-corrosion service.

Learn more information about Cor-Pro’s Anti Rust Paint Services and how they can help with your corrosion concerns.

What Is An Anti Rust Paint?

It is a common belief that paints are primarily used to protect metal surfaces from corrosion. However, experts have noted that there are specific chemical compounds that react better to specific materials.

For instance, not all oil-based paints are anti rust paints because they are more commonly applied as decorative paints that offer partial protection against climatic corrosion.  In short, they are not effective in protecting against drastic corrosion secondary to industrial chemicals and gases.

Anti rust paint have three main components:

  1. The Pigments – these are finely ground organic or inorganic powders that give color, film, cohesion, opacity, and corrosion inhibition.
  2. The Binder – typically oils or resins but can also be soluble silicates. The binders act as the film forming component.
  3. The Solvent – liquefies the binder and assists paint application. It can be any organic liquid or water.

At present, approximately 15 million known chemicals of inorganic or organic origin can cause corrosion.  Hence, most corrosion engineers believe that no anti rust paint or coating method can singlehandedly mitigate corrosion resulting from this myriad of chemicals.

Application Of Effective Anti Rust Paint From Cor-Pro Systems

The corrosion industry continues to grow as novel discoveries such as high performance anti rust paint is now available to help prevent corrosion in submerged equipment.  Most of these anti rust paints are environment-friendly and are more advantageous than solvent based counterparts.

One of the methods of application of anti rust paint is through airless sprays.  Airless spray is rapidly becoming the method of choice for application of anti rust paint to structural steel works.

In this method, hydraulic compression of paint occurs before releasing it through a small opening in an airless spray gun. Variation in the opening size also changes the hydraulic pressure that results to a wide range of paint consistencies.

For superior results, Cor-Pro applies airless spraying while working in controlled conditions. The company has a 155,000 square foot, enclosed, weatherproof metallic building that stands on 4.5 acres. Th climate controlled facilities are manned by highly trained NACE-certified professionals.

Industries That Benefit From Anti Rust Paint

  • Energy Exploration
  • Energy Services
  • Fabrication
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Petrochemical
  • Processing/Refining
  • Production
  • Structural Steel
  • Subsea Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Waste Treatment

About Cor-Pro Systems

Cor-Pro Systems understands the problems arising from different corrosion issues.  Since Cor-Pro’s conception, it is the company’s mission to become the experts in anti-corrosion practices in Houston and nearby Gulf Coast through continuous research and development.

In line with improving service, Cor-Pro dedicates itself in nurturing relationships with clients, stakeholders, and partner industries to achieve a corrosion free industry.

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