Rust Prevention Coating

Cor-Pro Systems provides the best rust prevention coating service in Houston, TX and nearby Gulf Coast areas.

rust prevention coatingRust prevention coating can save companies millions of dollars worth of losses from damage due to early onset of rust.

Companies that operate metal equipment should have a rust prevention system in place as it would significantly prolong the life of assets critical to the business operations.

In the industry, finding a cure is very costly. It entails a massive rust treatment process, a replacement of parts, or in worst case scenario, a replacement of the equipment.

Cor-Pro Systems provides top-of-the-line rust prevention coatings with custom-made solutions depending on a company’s corrosion protection needs.

Rust Prevention is Better than Cure

Companies who are in the business of using heavy equipment, structures, or transportation can appreciate the adage “prevention is better than cure”.

It’s always wise to stop something bad from happening rather than deal with it after it happens. In the industry, finding a cure is very costly.

It entails a massive rust treatment process, a replacement of parts, or in worst case scenario, a replacement of the equipment.

Types of Rust Prevention Coating

Rust prevention coating come in many forms and the choice would be based on factors such as the equipment make up, the type of corrosion, and the environment the equipment is exposed to, among others.

Some common types of rust prevention coating are listed below:

  • Metal cleaners and inhibitors: These act as both cleaner and coating to prevent rust.
  • Rust spray paint: These are spray paints with anti-rust formulation that fortifies the metal and inhibits rust formation
  • Conversion coatings: These are acidic chemical products that are applied prior to painting. They convert the metal substrate to a zinc phosphate surface or an iron.
  • Anti-rust powder: These are odorless granules that are added to an antiseptic solution and water. They are used to prevent corrosion of metal instruments and equipment.
  • Oil-based or Emulsion Type inhibitors: These are considered the most effective type of metal coatings when it comes to preventing rust by providing protection to the base metal.


Cor-Pro Systems: Rust Prevention Coating Experts

Companies know their equipment, instruments, and structures, but to ensure that they are operating optimally would require the services of skilled professionals.

As there is a wide range of rust prevention coating products to choose from, choosing the right one involves careful assessment by experts such as Cor-Pro Systems.

Best Corrosion Protection Practices By Cor-Pro Systems, Inc

As Houston’s leading provider of the best corrosion protection services, Cor-Pro Systems takes to heart the needs of its clients and provides them with the superior corrosion services that affords lasting solution.

Cor-Pro acknowledges that each client has corrosion problems that require varying approaches.  Choosing the right corrosion prevention service gives the best corrosion protections for equipment and structures.

Some of Cor-Pro’s best corrosion protection Houston includes:

  1. Coatings. The use of coating is the easiest method of corrosion protections.  Coating materials including urethane, epoxy, and zinc gives an additional layer of defense against corrosion.
  2. Cathodic Protection. Cathodic protection uses electrically charged alloys positioned near the equipment to provide corrosion protection.  This system sidetracks the corrosive agents to itself until it degrades.  This is usually applied in marine transport industry and underground pipelines.
  3. Corrosion Inhibitors. This method uses chemicals added into the equipment to create a thin layer of protection that inhibits corrosion catalysts. These additives are usually used for equipment functioning 24/7, as application is possible even when machine is operating.
  4. Abrasive Blasting. Abrasive blasting utilizes a high-velocity machine that forces the medium to the material surface.  Through this method, control on the damage caused by corrosion while preparing it for application of anti-corrosion systems is possible.

Aside from providing top-of-the-line corrosion protection systems, Cor-Pro also provides its clients with corrosion monitoring to ensure corrosion remains in check.

About Cor-Pro Systems

Cor-Pro utilizes best industry practices to provide excellent rust prevention coating services. Being the experts in the field, Cor-Pro can help companies set up an effective and successful rust prevention system that will prolong the lifespan of critical assets.

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