Rust Prevention Methods

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. is a leading corrosion protection provider of superior rust prevention methods in Houston, Texas and nearby Gulf Coast areas.

Rust happens. It’s a very expensive problem that continues to face companies that rely on critical equipment prone to rusting.

With millions of dollars being spent on rust removal efforts, companies continue to experience dwindling profits.

However, rust or corrosion can be managed or slowed down using rust prevention methods.

It is important to follow various rust prevention methods to combat corrosion and prolong the service life of equipments.

Cor-Pro serves various industries in need rust prevention for more than 27 years and has become the leading provider in Houston and Gulf Coast areas.

The company, following its mission-vision, gives its clients nothing but the best corrosion protection services that complies with international guidelines and standards.

Rust And Its Negative Effects To Industries

Rust is the resulting effect when iron combines with oxygen. The oxidation process causes the iron oxide to form, puff up or flake.

The build-up of rust can render equipment, structure, or metal parts ineffective or unusable, thereby needing replacement. Rust spreads fast and can quickly infect surrounding metal parts.

When this happens, the integrity of objects and structure is compromised. When the rust damage becomes so massive, safety risks and issues will arise that could affect lives.

5 Types of Rust Prevention Methods

Prevention techniques to prevent rusting can be classified into six categories. Further knowledge of these methods can help companies choose the most appropriate process to keep their equipment protected from rust.

  1. Environmental Modification. This method prevents metal deterioration by changing the environment where the affected object is located. An example would be limiting contact to seawater by storing metal materials indoors.
  2. Application of Rust Inhibitors. These are chemicals that interrupt the chemical reaction that causes the formation of rust. They act as a protective film that greatly slows down the build up of corrosion on metal parts.
  3. Cathodic Protection. This method is used on two dissimilar metals that are submerged in seawater or moist soils. It makes use of an opposing current to convert the unwanted anodic sites to cathodic.
  4. Coating. This is the most common method used by companies because they are relatively cheaper and yet very effective. Paint, powder, polymer, and other organic coatings add a layer of protection to metals to slow down the degradative effect of rust.
  5. Plating. This method not only stops rust on its tracks, but it also provides decorative finishing and aesthetic design. Common types of plating include: mechanical plating, electroplating, electroless, and hot dipping.

These methods work on different situations and only anti-rust experts like Cor-Pro Systems can correctly assess the severity of the problem.

About Cor-Pro Systems

Cor-Pro provides excellent rust prevention methods that follow industry standards. Being the experts in the field, Cor-Pro can help companies set up an effective and successful system that will help mitigate the damage of rust and corrosion.

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