Rust Proofing

Cor-Pro Systems Inc. is a leading company providing Rust Proofing Services in Houston, TX and other areas in the Gulf Coast.

In a report by the Department of Defense, the government spent almost $23 billion in mitigating the effects of rust in military equipment. In 2016, it might grow up to $114 billion if proper rust proofing methods and services are not secured.

Other industries suffer from operational losses caused by rust as well. Experts projects trillions of dollars lost due to corrosion within the next two to five years.

Expert rust proofing techniques improve equipment-longevity by 300%.

Since 1987, Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. provides rust proofing Houston services in key industries such as petroleum, manufacturing, energy, etc.

By providing top-of-the-line corrosion management products and service in Texas and other areas in the Gulf Coast, Cor-Pro Systems is the leading company with corrosion protection services such as rust proofing.

What Is Rust Proofing?

Rust proofing is the process of applying rust-inhibiting measures in metal surfaces such as iron or steel. By using anti-corrosion rust treatments such as surface finishing products to create a layer of protection, rust proofing prevents rust agents from reaching the surface of the metal and create a chemical process that corrodes the equipment.

Unlike galvanic treatment that creates a permanent coating that prevents metals from accumulating rust, rust proofing can only inhibit rust for a certain period of time. Usually, machines treated with rust proofing materials undergo the same process regularly to avoid corrosion from degrading the equipment.

What Are The Benefits Of Rust Proofing?

The main purpose of rust proofing is to prevent equipment from acquiring damage due to rust. However, there are many benefits brought by rust proofing other than corrosion management, and by getting quality rust proofing services you can:

  • Reduce repair costs and prevent equipment damage
  • Increase machinery life as well as increase output
  • Avoid operational losses and service interruptions
  • Provide safe working environment for employees
  • Avoid legal, financial, and environmental liabilities

What Are The Methods Used In Rust Proofing?

There are many methods used in rust proofing, and most of the common practices are:

  • Phosphates applied through electrically-charged methods
  • Multi-layered preventive coatings
  • PVC-based coatings
  • Phosphoric acid coatings
  • Bitumen coatings
  • Rust-inhibiting wax or compounds
  • Petroleum inhibitors

While there are a lot of options in rust proofing equipment, Cor-Pro Systems only provide the best and most effective rust proofing services on your equipments.

By using state-of-the-art methods backed by years of researching the most advanced corrosion management practices and methods, Cor-Pro Systems only gives the best rust proofing Gulf Coast services to our clients.

Get Quality Rust Proofing Services Only From Cor-Pro Systems

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