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cor pro location

Cor-Pro: Best Corrosion Protection Provider In Texas

Cor-Pro System’s goal is to be the corrosion-protection specialist for critical equipment.  Our purpose is to constantly raise the corrosion-protection standards through better knowledge, products and best practices.

Our passion is to deliver an unparalleled service experience, earn our customers’ appreciation and trust such that customers invite and include us as an extension of their own manufacturing process.


Cor-Pro Locations

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Since its founding in 1987, Cor-Pro Systems has focused on delivering first-rate coating services to industries in the greater Houston area. Over two decades of operation and more than a century of accumulated staff experience have made us the experts in corrosion prevention and coating application techniques.

Because we employ top-notch, NACE-certified staff and maintain a facility specifically designed to operate 24 hours a day, we can offer the fastest job-completion times available without sacrificing anything in the way of quality or professionalism.