Corrosion Prevention Techniques

Using various corrosion prevention techniques, Cor-Pro Systems is the leading provider of corrosion protection in Houston.

Corrosion is a natural process that occurs whether we like it or not. This inevitable occurrence is what’s causing companies to spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

In totality, the US spends a whopping $1 trillion annually just to fight corrosion and corrosion-related problems. It’s a serious threat to businesses; even more so for those whose operations rely on complex machineries and critical equipment.

The problem, if not given the serious attention it deserves, can cause huge expenses for the company, and worst, can halt operations entirely.

Industries have been battling with the corrosion menace for such a long time and with the help of experts, like Cor-Pro Systems, have managed to mount Corrosion Prevention Techniques to keep corrosion-related costs at bay.

Over the years, the techniques have improved greatly, but companies are not able to keep up and eventually find themselves struggling to keep their machines operational even in advanced stage of corrosion.

Cor-Pro Systems provide top of the line corrosion prevention techniques that include custom-made solutions depending on the specific business needs.

Key Factors Of Corrosion Prevention

The corrosion prevention techniques can vary depending on the degree of corrosion. Critical equipment used in subsea operations will require different techniques from, say, aerospace applications.

It is therefore important to know the factors or conditions that cause corrosion so that the proper method of protection can be applied.

  • Environmental factors are weather-related problems such as rain, humidity, and temperature. Equipment that are exposed to these factors require more attention and the upkeep is much more costly. A quick and easy way is to limit the contact of the metal equipment with seawater or rain. However, if this is not feasible, methods to manipulate the environmental factors can be utilized. One example is to treat the metal with chemicals or softeners to adjust the alkalinity or oxygen content.
  • The packaging factor. Unbeknownst to many, the type of packaging of metal parts can contribute greatly to corrosion. Most of metal packaging are non-treated and can hold moisture (e.g. corrugated paper). Knowing the packaging materials can determine what action needs to be done to prevent corrosion.
  • The process involved in using the equipment is also a factor to consider. For instance, metal fabrication carries with it processes that can contribute to metal deterioration. In this case, appropriate coatings can be applied to protect the metal surfaces
  • Storage location and proximity to other metal types. Dissimilar metal types that are submerged in seawater or moist soils can cause galvanic corrosion. This is common in ships, gas pipelines, and offshore rigs. For his kind of corrosion, the commonly used technique is cathodic protection, which converts unwanted active sites on the surface to passive ones, thereby creating a polarizing effect.

Cor-Pro Systems’s custom corrosion prevention techniques will depend on the causes of the corrosion and can help companies determine this early on so as to delay corrosion and prolong the life of critical equipment.

Corrosion Protection From Cor-Pro Systems, Inc.

Cor-Pro provides protective coatings through:

  • Epoxy Coatings
  • 1-Hour Cure Epoxies
  • Urethane Coatings
  • Zinc Primers
  • Enamels
  • Thermal-Cured Thin Film (Xylan, Ceramic, Metallic, Thin Film Epoxy Moly, etc)
  • Wear-Resistant Coatings
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Abrasive Blasting (complete line of abrasive media available)
  • Alternative profile achievement for areas not allowing blast.

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc is OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.  Both certification conferred by Verisys Registrars.

Velocity: Part Of Cor-Pro’s Commitment To The “Cor-Pro Gold Standard”

Corrosion protection is a necessary requirement for all major equipments and it is Cor-Pro’s commitment to deliver only the best corrosion protection methods in Houston and nearby Gulf Coast areas.

All of the company’s products and services are marked with the highest level of corrosion management standard – the “Cor-Pro Gold Standard.”

To ensure all Cor-Pro’s clients receive quick and quality service, each work done follow the “Velocity Seal of Quality” – superior corrosion protection service in just a matter of hours, not days.

About Cor-Pro Systems

Cor-Pro Systems is a company that specializes in corrosion protection in Houston, Texas and in the Gulf Coast.  With close to four decades of experience in various corrosion problems, Cor-Pro remains the company of choice for reliable and trustworthy corrosion protection.

Cor-Pro works with several stakeholders to further improve its personnel training and management practices to continue providing for its clients and partner industries.

The company also invests in continuous research and development to find innovative ways of fighting corrosion.

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