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Cor-Pro Systems, Inc. provides excellent corrosion protection linings services in Houston, Texas and nearby Gulf Coast areas.

In a recent case study by NASA, they projected that the total corrosion-related costs would reach $1 trillion by the end of the year. The NACE Corrosion Study also reported the degree of damage caused by corrosion to five major industries of the US economy:

  • Government: $20.1 billion
  • Infrastructure: $22.6 billion
  • Production and Manufacturing: $17.6 billion
  • Transportation: $29.7 billion
  • Utilities: $47.9 billion

Corrosion has negative effects on the environment, businesses, and the entire US economy.  Although corrosion is a natural process, it is still controllable.  Effective corrosion protection methods such as linings help prevent these losses.

Corrosion protection linings are an affordable and effective solution to various corrosion problems.

Cor-Pro’s commitment to providing the best corrosion protection linings is evident in their superior service to their clients.

The company aims to give the best anti-corrosion solutions by doing extensive research to further understand corrosion process and the effective ways to combat it.

Read about Cor-Pro’s Corrosion Protection Linings and choose the appropriate service best suited for your needs.

Choosing The Ideal Corrosion Protection Linings System

Selecting a corrosion protection system depends on several factors as it largely affects the effectiveness of the corrosion protection method.

The first step to consider in choosing corrosion protection linings to use is the environment predominantly present on the location of the equipment.

Several factors should be thoroughly considered:

  • Is the surrounding environment too hot or too cold?
  • What is the predominant season of the environment?
  • Is the equipment exposed to sunlight or submerged?
  • Is the equipment subject to precipitation?
  • Are there chemical plants nearby that may potentially contribute to air and water pollution?

It is important to take note of these factors to help choose the ideal anti-corrosion method that will confer optimum protection.

In addition to these, the feasibility of surface preparation should be also taken into consideration.  Surface preparation is crucial in ensuring that the corrosion protection linings applied remain effective in serving as a protective barrier.

If the application of corrosion protection linings is on-site, the suitability and availability of the surface for preparation is important.

There are instances when the metal for surface preparation is not ideal or practical. One example is when the surrounding environment has other equipments, such as hydraulic equipment and electric motors that do not permit open blast surface cleaning.

In a 2010 survey conducted among engineers, plant contractors and operators, chemical resistance is the most essential quality of corrosion protection linings in relation to protecting various equipments and infrastructures.

This survey further claimed that permeability to corrosive substance should be the primary consideration for corrosion protection linings as it is also the most overlooked.  Find out the permeability of the corrosion protection lining before applying it to the substrate.

The following are the recommended corrosion protection linings for various exposures:

Mild Exposure

For areas and equipment subject to mild exposure to corrosive agents, it is good practice to apply epoxy primer 3-5 mils dry film thickness (dft).  If the surface does not permit blasting, a better alternative would be surface tolerant epoxy mastic.

Temporary Protection; Dry Interiors

For temporary protection of normally dry interiors, such as warehouses exposed to occasional fumes, splashing, or spillage of corrosive agents; industrial grade acrylic corrosion protection linings or single coat of epoxy primer is ideal.

Dry Exteriors

For normally dry exteriors with constant exposure to sunlight, such as water storage tanks, oil based paints can last roughly six or more years. In this condition, epoxies are at a high risk of losing the gloss and will normally chalk, and rapidly fade.

Saltwater Exposure

For areas and equipments constantly exposed to saltwater, two coats of primer 3-5 mils dft and two coats of polyurethane finish 2-3 mils dft.  The two coat protection provides superior high gloss finish with long-term retention of the gloss.

Causes Of Corrosion Protection Linings Failure

When corrosion protection linings fail, it is due to:

  1. Atmospheric effects, such as ultraviolet light exposure, ozone, oxygen, wind, pollutants, and temperature, may cause the linings to fail. Types of corrosion protection failure include:
  • Blistering
  • Chalking
  • Color change (fading)
  • Erosion
  1. Inadequate or poor surface preparation and/or application of the paint onto the substrate. The following physical evidences typically suggest failure:
  • Checking, cracking, and alligatoring
  • Peeling, delamination, and flaking
  • Rusting
  • Wrinkling and lifting

Corrosion Protection Linings Offered By Cor-Pro Systems, Inc.

Cor-Pro prides itself with providing corrosion protection linings, such as:

  • Finishes
  • Intermediates
  • Primer-finishes
  • Primers
  • Subsea and marine coatings
  • Surface tolerant coatings

Use of ideal and suitable corrosion protection linings from Cor-Pro will give your company:

  • Less spending on repairs.
  • Reduced need to purchase/replace equipments.
  • Lower cost of operation.
  • Increased production rate.
  • Safer working environment.
  • Longer maintenance intervals.
  • More environment friendly workplace.

Cor-Pro Systems, Inc provides the best corrosion protection linings that meet international standards.  The company recently received certifications from OHSAS (18001:2007) and ISO (9001:2008) through Verisys Registrars.

About Cor-Pro Systems

Cor-Pro Systems’ strong market presence is a testament to the superior quality of the corrosion protection linings that the company provides its clients.

For 27 years, the company upholds its commitment to continually find solutions to every corrosion problems that several major industries face today. Years of research and development enabled the company to stay on top of the business, making them the leading company that provides corrosion protection linings in Houston and Gulf Coast areas nearby.

Effective Corrosion Protection Linings Through Cor-Pro Systems, Inc.

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